May 23, 2015

Movie day – Mad Max. It did not fulfill its hype but was superior to most action movies. Second movie in as many weeks where the protagonists do not run off together, skipping, hand-in-hand – a good trend.  Endings should be messy. Brave writers kill their lovelies.

For some reason, maybe cheddar biscuits, we decided to go to Red Lobster for lunch. After waiting for 10 minutes for someone to take our drink order, we left. Probably for the best.

We went to another restaurant, pub themed. Surprisingly good. Pigs in a blanket, Brussels sprouts, balsamic vinegar, bacon, blue cheese, beef, cheesecake plus pecan pie, Anchor Steam.

Came home to more rain and cell phones blaring flash flood warnings.


May 22, 2015

“We should do something fun this weekend. Is there anywhere you want to go?”

“Yes, Big Bend National Park.”

“Where is that?”

“Southwest Texas, Mexican border. Look at these pictures.” Quick google. Hold up phone.

“That’s really pretty, but I was thinking more along the lines of somewhere like Ikea.”


May 21st, 2015

“I just wanted to let you know you’re awesome, in case no one has told you that in a while.”

“Facetious or not, I appreciate that.”

“I’m facetious about a lot of stuff, but not this kind of stuff.”

“Well, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”


May 20th, 2015

I went to the dentist today for my bi-annual appointment. The hygienist said “Hi!” followed by “Sorry if I’m a little slow, I’m still in training.” She was chatty, asked lots of questions, hadn’t learned yet that it’s hard to reply to someone who has both their hands in your mouth. She had to re-adjust the X-ray lens several times – think I got my rads for the year.

I fought back by asking her questions. “What made this job appealing to you?” had her talking for a good ten minutes, but boiled down to “It seemed like something I could do.” That bummed me out a little.

The water pick seemed to match the resonant frequency of my skull. No pain, just uncomfortable. Together with that and the toy train that meanders through each room in the building every couple of minutes, I was a little on edge.

“Do you want mint or cherry cheesecake flavor?” I went with mint. Cheesecake-flavored fluoride seemed risky. I wonder if someone manufactures savory flavors, like beef broth or chicken pot pie.



May 19th, 2015

Our office weather radio shrieked all afternoon. Every five minutes – flood warning, tornado warning, severe thunderstorm warning – rinse, repeat. The person nearest to it got up several times to mute it, but eventually gave up, resigned to complaint.

I just stopped paying attention to the frequency of its siren, the same thing I do with people sometimes – the zen of selective hearing.

I watched the streets flood as I finished out the day. Little coupes drowning at a nearby intersection.

The commute was slow. A wall of water followed me home, raindrops so big they sounded like gravel hitting the windshield.

The backyard is flooded, a grassy pond. If it keeps raining I could start a rice farm. Or maybe saffron.



May 18th, 2015

Donated blood today in a Whole Foods parking lot. Everyone wore aprons. They asked me if I was a visitor – I guessed they meant “customer”. I said no. They looked confused but smiled and said thanks for donating.

The survey always makes me laugh. “Have you ever had sex with a man who may have been HIV-positve?” Options are “Yes, No, and I am a man.”  If you have previously selected “male” as your gender the “no” option is grayed out.

The lady after me fails her test, walks out blushing. Wonder what she got wrong.

I lucked out and got the more experienced tech. Watched the other tech stab and miss veins. Her donors grimace, tell her it’s OK.

The volunteers always tell me I have great veins. I fill the bag double-fast. Low cholesterol, I guess, or borderline hemophilia.

No cookie or juice, just a ticket to the zoo. I gave it to a coworker, said take the wife and kids. I don’t take a t-shirt, never do. 1.) they are ugly & 2.) my dad’s entire wardrobe is blue jeans and Oklahoma Blood Institute shirts.




May 17th, 2015

A man was run-over at our grocery store last night. When we went to get groceries today I scanned the parking lot for broken glass, plastic, blood – any remnant of the accident – nothing.

Our cashier told us about her 11-month old and her plans for a first birthday party – not princess-themed as that was overdone. She said it was going to be “Frozen”-themed and that she was looking for everything “Frozen”. I held back a corny joke about the freezer section being nearby and asking her how that was different from a princess-themed party.

She had off-brand cigarettes in her apron, a hint of tobacco stain along her gum line. Said thank you and have a nice day.

I rolled our cart out, surveyed the parking lot again. Still no blood.