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File Sync & Sharing

If you’ve got files (and who doesn’t?), you probably need a way to share them with other people. If they’re work files, that means whatever tool you use needs to be secure, compliant, reliable, and easy to use for even the least tech-savvy users. Using a cloud-based file sync & sharing solution is currently the best way to achieve that.


Email & Calendar

As much as everyone hates it, email and calendar updates are still the nervous system for the enterprise. Many businesses would rather their ERP go down than their e-mail servers. It needs to be easy, reliable, and worry-free for end users.

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Team Messaging

There are some weird niches in collaboration, and team messaging is one of them. It’s not really intranet, instant messaging, document sharing, or a workflow tool, but there is overlap into all those areas and it’s big enough and useful enough to be more than a “feature” of a product suite like Office 365.

Individual departments and teams are finding value in products that are focused at the team level instead of the entire enterprise. Team messaging is a great example of that and can be a great tool to get your teams collaborating more effectively.

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Identity as a Service

The one technology that ties everything in the cloud together is identity. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid identity provider in place - something that’s secure, reliable, and easy to manage.

Identity as a Service (IDaaS) lets IT departments get out of the business of managing identity infrastructure and build provisioning automation to all of your SaaS, PaaS, and on-premise apps.

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