June 29, 2015

It seems warm. The air conditioner has been blowing for several minutes, but the air is not getting cooler.

Roll windows down. Open sunroof.

Ninety-seven degree, dry air.

Well played, mechanic – not re-connecting my air compressor when you replaced the alternator. Well played.

June 25, 2015

“Are you interested in picking up a part-time contract, something you could do in the evenings?”

“I’m willing to listen.”

“Well, what’s your hourly rate.”

“$175-200 an hour depending on the project.”

“Ah…Hmmm…That’s uhh…significantly more than my client is aiming for.”

“Guess I’m not the right person for their project.”

June 24, 2015

“Do you need a VGA dongle?”

“Yes, please.”

“OK, I’ll go get mine.”

I walk down the hall and grab an adapter out of my office, then back to the conference room.

“Here you go.”

From another co-worker: “He doesn’t have a VGA port.”

“Why didn’t someone tell me that before I left the room?”

Second co-worker points at a third co-worker. “He tried to tell you that like five times and you just kept walking.”

I look at the third co-worker. “Sorry. I’m so used to ignoring you that I didn’t hear you.”

Defensive laugh. “I know.”

June 22, 2015

I accelerate towards the on-ramp. As I hit 55, the car loses power. Drop it into manual mode, cycle through gears, no reaction. Throw it into neutral, get high revs, then back into drive. Power re-initiates enough to steer onto the service road.

Cycling neutral and drive gets me a mile further, closer to somewhere to pull off. Hit a stop light, lose all power.

The road is flat, a parking lot is 100 yards away. Jump out and push.

The road isn’t flat.

Cars sure are heavy.